About Us

Heart to Home of Asheville is a locally owned and operated business that helps you find affordable ways to add beauty and value to your home. We specialize in small projects inside and outside of the home. We landscape, we paint, we salvage materials from old buildings, we haul off unwanted stuff, we tackle small improvement and repair projects. We do it with two things in mind: long-term relationships with our clients and budget-friendly ways for you to beautify your indoor or outdoor living space. Our careers as teachers and coaches in the public schools were built around community relationships. We taught our students and players dependability and commitment. We demanded excellence. We bring those same values to our work with Heart to Home, values that lay the foundation for long-lasting relationships. Yes, it’s about the work but it’s also about the value we can add to our lives.

Clint Loftin

Clint Loftin


I am a former high school teacher and coach of 16 years. I attended the University of Georgia (BSED -‘1997) and the University of Maine (MA -‘2000), both in preparation for teaching. It was a rewarding profession and I wouldn’t trade the rich relationships I’ve built through education for any other experience. But after careful reflection I decided to pursue another passion of mine: working on people’s homes. On and off for many years I’ve done landscaping projects on the side to help meet ends with my teaching pay. This past year our family completed construction of our new home and I had the pleasure of working with our contractor, Alan MacDonald. This is when the idea for Heart to Home was born. Not only was I picking up some new skills and building confidence but I was also paying careful attention to the business side of contracting. One major point of separation I noticed within the business was professionalism, a few had but many did not. The fundamental skills of communication, timely call backs, and trust-building were often lacking in this line of work. My business partner Tim and I began to discuss a vision for a business that combined the relationship-building skills of teaching with the skills we had acquired over the years doing a variety of work on people’s homes and businesses. I am excited about this new venture. It has brought renewed enthusiasm to my working life and I am looking forward to building more relationships that will enrich our lives.

Tim Magee

Tim Magee


I am a former high school teacher and coach of 5 years.  I attended Appalachian State University (BSED -2010).  After a brief stint working in the public school, I spent three years working with at risk youth teaching in a therapeutic boarding school.  In 2014 I took time off from teaching and attended ministry school in California at Bethel School of Ministry.  It’s been a desire of mine to start and own a business and home improvement has been something that I have continued to come back to throughout my life. Alongside my time in college and teaching I have worked as a property manager, a painter, an electricians assistant, and on various remodeling projects.

My business partner Clint coached me in basketball my senior year and I later worked alongside him as his assistant. We’ve remained close friends and have always shared commonality in what we value.  I loved coaching together because we both believed in building a team on excellence, trust, hard work, preparation, and long term relationships.  As former teachers, we both came to  a point in our life where we were ready to make a change in our careers, but what excites me about this business is taking the values we have believed in and applying them to a new area.

Professional References

Tim Emory, Founder/Owner, Emory Electric (828.658.8300)

Elaine Ingle, Vice­President/Managing Broker, Beverly­Hanks (828.210.2925)

Alan MacDonald, Owner/Contractor, Mountain Homes of WNC (828.779.1811)

Michael Schoor, Owner, Rosenthal­Schoor Corporate Recruiting (805.501.2923)

Russ Roberson, Residential/Commercial Property Manager (828.215.7010)

Doris Sellers, Principal, AC Reynolds High School (828.298.2500)

Pricing & Payment

Pricing: Our pricing is simple. First, we provide you with a detailed take-off list of any supplies that we will need to purchased in order to complete the job. We charge at cost for these items (the same as if you went and bought them yourself). Second, we estimate what the labor is worth in terms of time, skill-level, and man-power. This simple two-part formula applies to all of the services we offer. You never pay more than the estimated labor to complete the job. If the job ends up taking longer than we anticipated or we under-estimate the man-power needed that responsibility falls on us.


Payment: We accept cash, checks, and all major credit cards.