Another Punch List Completed!

Recently a new client in East Asheville hired us to get a neglected house ready to put on the rental market. We took a four-man crew to the job for two days and here is what we got done:

1) Landscaped and mulched overgrown garden beds in the front of the house.
2) Turned a backyard jungle into an actual yard for pets or children.
3) Pressure washed the house.
4) Replaced rotten fascia boards on facing of house.
5) Painted new boards.
6) Painted 3 rooms and a hallway inside the house.
7) Repaired a roof.
8) Caulked a bathroom.
9) Trimmed overgrown shrubs along the house and driveway.
10) Removed vines from chainlink fence.

The client was grateful for the both the quality of the work and the speed with which it was done. Now the house looks and feels much cleaner and will make a nice rental for somebody. Once you’ve got your punchlist ready give Heart To Home a call.