Retaining Wall

Last week we had the privilege to contribute to a renovation of our client Patrice’s home in Weaverville.  Patrice has done a number of  major improvements to take an old house and make it something special. To give Patrice extra parking space we built a 4′ by 24′ retaining wall.  Although railroad ties can be a bear to handle, with the right support structure they are an effective and popular material to construct retaining walls, and they add a natural charm to the appearance of the landscape.  To give the wall the support needed to last, we graded the ground with gravel, staked in the cross ties with 4 ft rebar, installed a plastic sheet cover on the inside to minimize water damage, and used two deadman anchors to insure the wall was strengthened to support the weight against it.   We Thoroughly enjoyed this project and had incredible weather for it.  Special thanks to Patrick Kelly and Ethan Liner for your help on this project.